Interview Day – Employer Plans

Looking for a new graduate to work in your practice? Choose the Interview Day package that works best for you:

  • Skype Interview: if you can’t take the day off or fly in to Waterloo, this option is best for you.
    • We will put together a list of students and their contact information who are interested in your practice for you to interview via Skype on your own time.
  • Standard: the most popular package to select if you are coming by yourself and only have one practice job opportunity to fill.
  • Advanced: if you want to bring someone along with you to the interview, or if you have two practice job opportunities to fill.
  • Deluxe: for corporate entities that have more than three practice job opportunities to fill.
    • We require you to sign up on the form and after review we will contact you with a quote and invoice.

All attendees to the Interview Day event in the University of Waterloo will have lunch provided!

If you have any questions, or issues, we would be happy to assist you through the following contacts:

  • Message our Facebook Page:

Late registrations after March 19th will have fees increased by $15.

Final day to register is March 23rd.

Unable to attend event
Interview from comfortably from home
Flexible interview dates
Max 1 Attendee
Represent up to 2 practices
Lunch provided
Up to 2 attendees
Represent up to 3 practices
Lunch provided
By Request
Up to 2 attendees
Represent more than 3 practices
Lunch provided
Interview Day – Employer Plans